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COTB 004 – The All Avengers Special, posted by Benjamin

Carlos and BJ cover the Avengers vs. X-Men comic event and then discuss the epic Avengers movie soon to be released in the States.


  1. Here’s the YouTube clip on X-men Retcons:
    X-Men: Death Becomes Them

    Here’s Emily Blunt on the Comic Book Heroines:
    Emily Blunt Thinks Women’s Roles in Superhero Films Are Fairly Terrible

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  2. My wife has corrected us, we discuss the Hungry Games, specifically the character of Roe. In the podcast we call her Zoe, which is wrong.

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  3. Yeah, I thought we had her name wrong, but wasn’t so confident in what the right name was as to mention it- I read the books awhile back and haven’t seen the movie yet. ^_^; It’s Rue and the Hunger Games. ^_-

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  4. Thanks for the shoutout. (Is that every episode thus far?)
    Good show. Have to admit I got lost in the woods a bit there with marvel characters, but next weeks topics are sounding good. My personal requests: Diablo III review, a section devoted to product/game/gizmo recommendations, the shoutout/fanmail response section (with answers to questions) and that Benjak never again be allowed to go on vacation, ever…
    Also, Windows 8 tablets. Are they going to be awesome or suck? I am considering making the plunge when they come out, but now that I’ve heard that they will be office capable. I am a bit wary of the ARM processers, however. Having a short geekery for dumtards sections on different geekery genre’s might be interesting too. (Would love a broad-strokes intro into boardgaming…which I have flirted with, but never gone in on.)
    Last but not least, keep up the good work. It appears that the geeks of the world need you.

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  5. Derek

    I’m really disappointed in the new 52, and the Avengers vs X-Men things.

    I was somewhat excited – I read a lot of comics, but rarely read “supes” comics, because of all the issues you mention – the absurdity, the complexity, the fact that you need a wiki to figure out what’s going on.

    I thought that between those two, I could finally find a new jumping in point. I hadn’t gotten around to getting the new 52, but I was working on it. And I did the same thing Carlos mentioned last week, and flipped through A vs X, and was just confused, and put it down. I was hoping, with Avengers coming out, that they would have started a new Avengers line for people like me, that wanted to get in, but couldn’t – maybe an “Essential Avengers” and then something continuing from there.

    But instead, I ended up buying a few issues of Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm, which is pretty cool, and buying some back issues of Fables.

    I’m pretty excited for Dinosaurs vs Aliens, though (from Free Comic Book day).

    Also, y’all should really go see Hunger Games. It’s different than the book a bit, but it’s pretty good. Some scenes are better than the book by far.

    And I’m slowly catching up – by tomorrow, I should be current with y’all. ;)

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