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Bugs in the OGL, part 1: Users

Following up on an earlier post, this one was originally going to be the second part of “Bugs in the OGL,” but I ended up finishing it first- about two months ago. =P I’m going to go ahead with it on the off-chance that I’ll be able to return to it with my second post […]


It’s not a secret that I respect many of the concepts behind the Open Gaming License (OGL), and that I think WotC made a misstep when they moved to the less consumer/publisher-friendly Gaming System License (GSL). (Dont’ get me wrong; I’m critical of the OGL in some ways I’ll discuss later, but I appreciate the […]

Just to Make Certain the Idea Man is Last

I’m still trying to figure out what our wellspring meant by geekery going mainstream. I know that in the court case that¬†CJ¬†discussed Wizards suggested that 6 million people play D&D. You can either view that as .1% of the global population–or dream of some Chicago-sized Xanadu filled with DMs, GMs, and the sound of rolling […]