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MMockery 3: The last easy post


And here’s part 3, which is the last of the parts.  It’s even more specifically related to MxO.  And also the last of my gimmie posts.  If I’m gonna hit my “3 posts a week” metric, I’m gonna have to start being original now.  Bugger. This one was written 2 months after the others.  In […]

Mmockery: MxO: The coloning


As threatened, part 2.  Reading Part 1 is recommended but not required.  This one was written a week later.  It’s far more directly related to MxO. When last we left Firbolg, he was standing over a body, rummaging its pockets for stuff. Things haven’t changed a lot in a week. More bodies, more rummaging, and […]

Stealing ideas (aka MMockery, a play on MMO and Mockery)


A sort of in-characterish send up of an MMO, or another game, or what have you. It’s not strictly in character – it’s more me editorializing about it, and imagining things about the character in game.