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Welcome to my Steam Blog posted by Kevin Lew


Hi, I’m Kev.  I write Steam Blogs (Slogs)–that is, posts on my Steam page normally.  If you’re a Friend on Steam, then you can see see my posts on my Activity page.  If you’re not one of my Friends, then I suspect that this post must be very confusing and strange.

I wanted to have a more permanent location since my slogs eventually get deleted after a week or so.  I’m trying to become a journalista…  It’s the best kind of reporter.  It’s video game journalism.  One day I hope to become a Real Journalist, meaning that I can get a job doing this kind of blathering.  But in the meantime, here’s my slog.

I’m going to write mostly about PC gaming, especially if it somehow ties into Steam.  The only thing that I need help with is a name for this column.  With so many fan blogs already, I didn’t want something obvious like “The Boiler Room”.  I hope that I don’t get stuck with Kev’s Slog.  Write your comments below if you have ideas.

Here’s my first story.  Tell me what you think about it, even if you dislike it.


COTB 025 – What the heck does ELO mean? posted by Benjamin


With the welcome return of JJ the basement geeks spend time pondering the meaning of ELO and all its implications. After that they discuss some Kickstarter projects that they’re excited about then Ben delves into a long rant about Wildstar and what a AAA MMO means (Which afterwards no one understands anyways). Then the Marvel cinematic universe is discussed including upcoming movies and the actors soon to join the Marvel family.

COTB 024 – Still Kickin posted by Benjamin


After another unplanned hiatus the basement geeks rejoin to much rejoicing and discuss everything they’d been holding off of for months. While bouncing back and forth between topics Carlos and Ben are able to keep the conversation from going completely off the rails.

COTB 023 – We live part 2 posted by Benjamin


The second chapter of “We live” finds Carlos, JJ, and Ben discussing a variety of games including Shadowrun Returns, Adventures of Van Helsing, Rift, and Wildstar. Then they switch gears briefly to discuss the Carrion Crown Adventure Path for Pathfinder, specifically the Haunting of Harrowstone (the first module of the series). After that they have a brief Kickstarter conversation before getting into the new generation of Console wars between the Xbox One and the PS4, and they put a lot of blame on video game publishers for pushing bad features on the consoles.


COTB 022 – We live part 1 posted by Benjamin


Carlos, Ben, and new permanent co-host JJ try to make up for lost time. In this first part of a two part series the basement geeks discuss all the recent summer block buster movies, including Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Stark Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim, The Lone Ranger, The Wolverine, and The Conjuring. Finally towards the end they discuss the Wildstar stress event and the Defiance video game tie in with the TV show.

WE LIVE! posted by CJ Ovalle


Ben will have a podcast up soon.

In the meantime, here’s an article about the death of Final Fantasy, from Wired… Sigh. Here’s to you, once great series.

Destiny & /dance posted by Derek


I’m returning from a long hiatus, to post this vastly important message.

I am extremely excited about Destiny, the upcoming persistent world shooter from Bungie.  It’s a post-apocalyptic, dudes in future-tech with guns fighting aliens movie.  The classes are things like “Warlock” and “Titan” and “Hunter.”  That’s about what I need in a game.  So I’ve been following it since the E3 reveal, and I’m excited.  Except for one thing.



COTB 021 – The one year anniversary episode posted by Benjamin


Carlos and Ben celebrate their one year anniversary by recalling their epic weekend at ChimeraCon. After that they cover some interesting Kickstarter projects and discuss some recent movies before teasing the next episode regarding Bioshock Infinite.

COTB 020 – PAX, Kickstarter, and summer movies posted by Benjamin


Carlos and Ben give a shout out to their local gaming store before reviewing the Neverwinter beta and the upcoming MMOs from the PAX convention. Then they discuss the upcoming summer comic book movies and discuss Joss Whedon’s reaction to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter.

Review: Much Ado About Nothing (Joss Whedon) posted by CJ Ovalle


You might think that on a geek site like this, Joss Whedon would just get a pass. (1) But I’m a big fan of the bard’s Much Ado About Nothing- it’s my favorite Shakespeare play- and I really did enjoy the fairly extravagant Branagh version. So, no free pass for Mr. Whedon… he’d have to earn it.