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COTB 014 – Geek news all the time, posted by Benjamin

Carlos and B.J. take some time to catch up after taking another extended hiatus. All corners of the geek world are covered as the boys try desperately to discuss as much news as possible without being side tracked by rants and raves. Carlos succeeds in his normal graceful fashion while B.J. begs for a Mass Effect RPG, throws conspiracy theories out about the retiring of the Bioware founders, and gets a little creepy about Milla Jovovich.


  1. Just joined an RPG group through and we are playing 3.5. I had no idea 3.5 still had so much traction. I am also joining another group playing AD&D 2e.
    It seems to me like WOTC is in real danger when all the gamers I have met lately that are my age (the ones with money who are too lazy to steal their books via torrent) seem repulsed by the MMORPG-like feel of 4e.
    I’m curious what you know about the amount of roleplayers playing legacy systems 2.5-3.75 vs. the amount of legacy players when 3e came in… Also curious how likely they are to succeed with 5e, given that they may soon become the largest minority, rather than the majority game.

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  2. Derek

    I’m way behind, okay? But if your Jedi are outshining your other characters that much, you aren’t building your other characters right. ;) My trooper was a murder machine last time we played Star Wars d20, because he was so focused on shooting the hell out of people. While the Jedi in the group could do more things pretty well, if you needed one dude killed from more than 5′, it was all the trooper. And if you needed a large group surpressed, there was no one but him to do it.

    I thought d20 did a pretty good job of limiting the number of “Force something something” powers Jedi could use. But then again, a massively tweaked Jedi could probably out murder my trooper if that was his thing.

    Also, I found that a cheat of just picking up Force Sensitive on a non-Jedi character took care of a lot of that too. ;) I had a Force Sensitive gambler that I loved.

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  3. Derek

    Also, this episode continues the trend of “I really need to jump on as a guest host, because I think I am diametrically opposed to BJ in nearly every way.” I am one of those dyed in the wool SWG lovers. I still miss the game, and still check the EMU. It is one of the top 5 MMOs ever made, in my opinion. Whereas I think DC Universe is a fun distraction for a few minutes, but not anything I’ve been able to play long term. The only time I really play is when my son wants to play with me.

    And I’ve been playing SW:TOR 3-4 nights a week. ;)

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  4. Derek

    Also also – Community is great. Start at the beginning – like Arrested Development, it builds on itself as it goes on. I have long held that Big Bang Theory is a (sometimes) funny show *about* geeks, but Community is an (always) funny show *by and for* geeks. You’ll love it.

    Also also also, Transmetropolitan is amazing. Sam/Devious Monkey got me in to Transmet. It’s not the sort of thing I would usually read, as it’s amazingly profane and angry, but it’s so spectacularly well done, so spot on in the skewerings, and so perfect.

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