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COTB 012 – All Zombies all the time special, posted by Benjamin

Carlos, Ben, and special guest host Scott discuss Zombies in popular culture and their impact on movies, television, books, and video games. Ben and Scott then go off on the new modification for Arma II called Day Z and explain that despite its many (MANY) flaws that it’s one of the best Zombies games ever made.

Also, Ben takes off for Australia on Wednesday, so there may not be another podcast for a few weeks (And this one was already delayed a few weeks, for which we’re sorry). We’ll see if Carlos can pull together a few special co-hosts to fill in for Ben.

NOTE from Carlos: Batman Spoilers ^_^

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  1. Derek

    Y’all finally convinced me to pick up DayZ, months late. It’s … I hesitate to say fun. But it is a great game! I played with a friend who will only play at night, and knows what he’s doing, so it was tense but I survived. I got a hatchet, an Alice (Alis?) pack and enough meds to heal up. Very worth it, thanks!

    Posted on 12-Nov-12 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

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