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COTB 011 – The All Star Wars Special, posted by Benjamin

For a topic so massive in scope, Carlos and BJ call in their backup expert JJ to help them analyze all things Star Wars related. All manner of Star wars geekdom is discussed, including the Movies, anime, books, video games, television, and role-playing games.


  1. Dominic

    Just wanted to make sure you guys are alive… you’re one of my favorite podcasts right now, and I haven’t seen episode from you for three weeks! What’s going on??!?!?!?!?!?!

    Posted on 23-Jul-12 at 12:00 am | Permalink
  2. Sorry, we’re alive!

    (At least in part, the zombies got to folks…)

    Posted on 24-Jul-12 at 11:34 am | Permalink
  3. Derek

    I really have to start harassing you guys more often. I can’t believe I missed the Star Wars episode. So here’s random thoughts.

    I’m actually playing through KOTOR right now, with some content mods. The final restoration mod was released for KOTOR 2 that adds back a ton of things that were cut, so I’m playing through both. I bought the gold pack for Empire at War too – it was interesting.

    You have to give shout outs to some other games, tho! Star Wars Galaxies, Battlefront, Republic Commando, Force Unleashed, and of course Masters of Teras Kesai. And then Star Wars 1313 coming up….

    I’ve mostly read comics, not books, for the EU. I haven’t even finished the Heir to the Empire series yet. The Tales series is probably my favorite.

    And really? Boba Fett? Dude has 29 words total! He wears random pieces of armor because he’s too lazy to actually buy a full suit for himself. Oh, no, because he wants to be a mandalorian…. Chewie. Chewie all the way. Han is pretty awesome, but it’s gotta be Chewie. Who has no lines.

    Han shot first. Nothing else is an option. It makes his growth from a selfish rogue to a semi-selfless hero relevant. It shows he’s a realist, as opposed to super naive Luke. It also means a useless loser like Greedo didn’t get the drop on him. I mean, seriously, Greedo is not the most skilled Rodian around.

    Lucas is an idiot. I mean, I love the universe he built and stole, I love his characters. But dude can’t write, and can’t leave well enough alone. The best Star Wars movie (Empire) is the one he had the least writing on. I’m glad he’s stepping back.

    And Carlos was right in his suspicion. The was a Star Wars d20 game the was far more 3e, just with a few mods (force skills, vitality + hp) that had a ton of books, then there was Saga, which had skill groups, etc. Saga was kinda like Book of 9 Swords. It had some new stuff, some odd, and couldn’t quite figure out which it was.

    I played some d6 – it had the Force die, which would routinely screw you. Even a badass Jedi could roll a 1 on a Force die and be humbled….

    And yeah, everyone playing Jedi is hard. I never do, partially from cussedness, partially because I like the others. You can make a super badass soldier that will slaughter most Jedi, but outside that, the Force is so multipurpose that it’s silly. Much like Mage: the Ascension.

    But there are fixes:

    Let everyone play Jedi. That sometimes works, but then someone wants to be the noble/fringer….
    Use the story – Jedi during the New Hope to Return era should be constantly afraid of discovery. If someone sees them, there’s at least a fair chance they’ll turn them in. And that means someone like Starkiller showing up. And if he fails, Vade and the entire ImperiAl Army. Sure, you can deflect blaster bolts. He’s got 3 Star Destroyers in orbit.

    There are also a lot of Jedi counters. In the early days, a lizard was bred that was invisible to the Force, and lethal to Firce Sensitives. It’s what killed Nomi Sunrider’s husband, iirc. Some little. Only hunter punks with no skills. Ought one, and a great Jedi died. Make up some more of those. A Force drain. Force seeking missiles ;)

    Also, Dark Side points. I know most games I play we tend to gloss over DS points for most things, but perthe rules, Jedi can get DS points for a ton of things, and it doesn’t take many to fall. I think using those rules strictly would make Jedi a lot less cavalier.

    Posted on 28-Aug-12 at 10:08 am | Permalink
  4. Derek, we need to have you on for more Star Wars RPG stuff in particular.

    Re the comics, I started reading Legacy but haven’t gotten past the 3rd or 4th graphic novel.

    Posted on 06-Sep-12 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

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