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COTB 009 – Dresden Files and Some Online DM tools, posted by Benjamin

Carlos and Ben review the Dresden Files in novel, comic book, television, and RPG format. Then they talk about the variety of online tools available for running games via a virtual table top or play-by-post campaign.


  1. *Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files site

    *Evil Hat’s Dresden Files RPG

    *RPTools (including MapTools)


    *Obsidian Portal

    Kickstarter Projects
    *Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition
    *Tropes vs. Women in Video Games
    *Traveller 5th Edition
    *Tabletop Forge
    *Bronycon (funded, but Paypal funding still available)

    *New Amethyst Series discussion

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  2. BJ’s missing comment! (Weird bug.)

    Here are some of the tools we discussed in this episode.

    Maptools virtual table top java program.

    Vegisama campaign framework for Maptools.

    Iplay4E for play-by-post character organization and tracker.

    Orokos for online dice rolling and auditing for play-by-post campaigns.

    TTop RPG is like a lightweight version of Maptools for running online campaigns.

    Obsidian Portal is great campaign tracker and can be used for running play-by-post campaigns.

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  3. Derek

    I’ve played a lot of games on as well. Some excellent players and games there. Some really weird games too in odd systems.

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  4. Oh, cool. Hadn’t seen that. Anything good in particular?

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