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COTB 009 – Some Online DM tools and Dresden Files

« COTB 009 – Some Online DM tools and Dresden Files


  1. Here are some of the best online tools for running virtual table top games or play-by-post campaigns.

    RPtools has the great Maptool java progam. Probably the best virtual table top program out there.

    The Vegisama Framework is the best Campaign framework for Maptools for use with 4E (In my opinion, though some people will disagree). It’s very easy to build your powers with their custom tokens, and they have a great selection of status effect icons, as well as a surge bar that ends up functioning like an endurance bar.

    Iplay4E is a great organizer for both individual characters and campaigns for use in play-by-post campaigns.

    Once you have that play-by-post campaign rolling, you’ll need a dice rolling program, and one that posts them online for auditing purposes. For this, there’s no better program than Orokos. It’ll also let you import your 4E character file (just like Iplay4E) and will auto-generate dice macros you can use for online rolling.

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  2. Here are some of the tools we discussed in this episode.

    Maptools virtual table top java program.

    Vegisama campaign framework for Maptools.

    Iplay4E for play-by-post character organization and tracker.

    Orokos for online dice rolling and auditing for play-by-post campaigns.

    TTop RPG is like a lightweight version of Maptools for running online campaigns.

    Obsidian Portal is great campaign tracker and can be used for running play-by-post campaigns.

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