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COTB 008 – League of Legends and board games, posted by Benjamin

For the first time Carlos and Ben have 3 guest hosts on the podcast to discuss board games and League of Legends. It may be a crowded room, but there’s a diverse experience where it comes to the hobby with this group (except for League of Legends, which is apparently the only MOBA game they all play).


  1. Derek

    Looks like I missed my window to become the board game expert :(

    I’m just going to say that I disagreed with this podcast more than anything y’all have done so far – I’d venture to say that I was more against than pro. ;) I’m considering making a counter-cast just to refute things you said in this one.

    N.B.: Monday Night Combat is an Xbox Live Arcade FPS game (and it’s quite a lot of fun, actually). Super Monday Night Combat is the MOBA version of that game. Although you could argue that Monday Night Combat was pretty much a MOBA as well, it was just less obvious.

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  2. I *did* send you a Facebook message before I contacted anyone else. You’re welcome to come on another (next?) time. . =P

    Opinions are relatively subjective. =P Except that Lords of Waterdeep is a lot of fun. TRUE FACT.

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  3. Derek

    It is a lot of fun, I totally agree. I don’t think either the ambassador or that lord are game breaking, though.

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  4. I don’t think they’re game breaking- definitely not the ambassador or lt. The lord is a bit more problematic- on the forums for awhile they were saying that the character won more than other lords- but I think it can be dealt with.

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  5. And now having said that, we had our second game where the lord (this time me) won by a huge margin. ^^;

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