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COTB 006 – Geek music and DnD 5th edition news, posted by Benjamin

Carlos and BJ cover the world of geek music and then spend some time discussing the recent news and changes coming from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.


  1. *Alamo DrafthouseSummer of 82 film series (sites)

    I’ve purchased every one of these that’s purchasable at some point. Crazytown. :P

    *Weird Al White and Nerdy (video)

    *Plentakill (artist site)

    **Plentakill – Teleport, my favorite League of Legends parody (video)

    *Weezer – In the Garage (video)

    *Marcy Playground – Cloak of Elvenkind (video)

    *The Guild – you can purchase songs and videos from iTunes (artist site)

    **The Guild – Do You Wanna Date my Avatar? (video)

    **The Guild – Game On (video)

    **The Guild – I’m the One That’s Cool (video)

    *The Piano Guys – Cello Wars (video)

    *The Malcolm Effect – This One Time by the Malcolm Effect (video)

    *Marshall Gray – Critical Hit to My Heart (video)

    *Albine Black Sheep – The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (video)

    *Going Down to Dunwich – Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (video)

    *Nerdore Rising Documentary (film site)

    *MC Frontalot (You can freely download, play or purchase all of the songs at this artist site)

    **Indier Than Thou (video)

    **It is Pitch Dark (video)

    **Shame of the Otaku (video)

    **The Penny Arcade Theme (video)

    *Jonathan Coulton (You can freely download some of the songs here at this artist site, and can legally download most of his stuff if you search the blog,
    and elsewhere. Go Creative Commons.)

    **Still Alive (video)

    Several of these videos are well-known World of Warcraft machinima by spiffworld.

    **Re Your Brains (spiffworld video)

    **Skullcrusher Mountain (spiffworld video)

    **Code Monkey (spiffworld video)

    **I Feel Fantastic (Popular Science contest entry)

    **Mandelbrot Set (video)

    *Paul and Storm (Creative Commons licensed stuff, you can download some from this artist site or elsewhere.)

    **Opening Band (video)

    *The Doubleclicks (artist site)

    **This Fantasy World (video)

    **and I forgot to mention it on the podcast, but here’s Oh, Mr. Darcy (video)

    *Bedlam Bards (artist site)

    **The Ballad of Joss (video)

    *Marian Call (artist site)

    **It Was Good For You, Too (video)

    **I’ll Still Be A Geek After Nobody Thinks It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem) (video with Paul and Storm at w00tstock)

    (And yes, we do know Christina Hendricks is on Mad Men) ^_^

    *Optimus Rhyme (artist site)

    *Stephen Lynch (artist site)

    **D&D (video)

    Oh, and the closing song was a remix by Pogo, “Alice,”, which uses clips from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland to make a new song.

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  2. Some things mentioned in the D&D section:

    WotC’s D&D Next Community (site)

    Balancing Wizards in D&D (Mike Mearls article)

    Paizo’s Ultimate Magic (which includes stuff about spell design)(product site)

    Sexism in Fantasy(article by Jon Schindehette)

    Unfortunately, it looks like Astrid’s Parlor isn’t there anymore. If I can find the thread called “What art gets it right?” I’ll link it. I’ll write to WotC to see what’s up.

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  3. Yup. Astrid’s Parlor was dropped in (an unfortunate) reorg.

    But, saves at least part of the day- use the Wayback Machine to check out

    (glad I grabbed that before it dropped off the google cache!)

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  4. Derek

    Hearing about the bachelor party makes me sad.

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  5. Awww. Should visit Austin some time. ^_^

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  6. Ellie

    With minor hesitation I also share MC Chris. I forget whether any of his lyrics are problematic or if I’m just remembering some offensive on stage comments about his female fans. But he definitely has nerd songs and is identified with nerdcore:

    Fett’s Vette –

    Geek –

    Then there’s also the whole genre that I call fantasy metal, or sometimes RenFaire metal (’cause it has dulcimers) that is maybe actually called symphonic power metal ( or just power metal ( It tends to have sweeping fantasy themes throughout, elves and heroes, etc. Blind Guardian has several about Lord of the Rings –

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  7. Ellie

    RE: The Sexism in Fantasy article – I’m so glad it pissed you off too. I had a slightly different read to it and have read several rebuttal articles (I’ll link to some at the end). It felt like it was trying to come off as an honest question but rubbed me like an excuse for why they weren’t going to change anything.

    Here’s how it read to me: Gosh this sexism stuff is hard. And no one can even agree on what it is (and I don’t have the internet or any feminist friends and thus can’t find any feminist 101 primers to catch me up). Plus the artists only want to draw super hot male gaze naked chicks (’cause that’s the only thing that’s a “beautiful object”?). Plus for every complaint we get about sexism, we get 10 more emails telling us how awesome the hot naked chicks are. (So, you know, you people who are upset are in the minority – FYI.) So what do you want fans? (By the way, you have to register to comment, but let’s not worry about how that might inhibit some of the voices we’re ostensibly trying to hear.)

    In searching for some of the rebuttals I read I saw that you already linked to Sarah Darkmagic’s A Look at “Sexism in Fantasy”

    Why WotC’s Sexism in Gaming Art Article Made Me Happy from geek feminism

    What WOTC Says to its Female Audience (and What We Hear) from gaming as women

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  8. Ellie

    And last up – female power fantasies – I have no idea how to answer this. For K-12 I played mostly console games and jumped on any chance to play a female character. I played a lot of fighting games versus my brother and reveled in winning as a woman without thinking about what the women were wearing or how they were portrayed. I played Princess Peach any chance I got. But most of the time I played dudes cause that’s all there was to play and I didn’t think anything of that either. For my first D&D experience I was ecstatic to play a (male) Minotaur. I made him the top of the range for height and weight and played up his physicality in what little role playing I did. With games like Dragon Age and Skyrim I’ve played around more with different types, but I still mostly default to burly given the choice. I don’t know how much that says about female power fantasies as opposed to conditioning and favored play styles (I’m a run in smash things button masher.)

    When people do the, “If you could have any super power, what would it be?” I choose infinite grace. But I wouldn’t have any clue how to roleplay something like that and don’t watch shows or read books where that is a main characteristic of anyone.

    The closest thing I can think of is when I was a kid I wanted to be Indiana Jones. Cultured, smart, and tough.

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  9. Ellie

    Just ran into this regarding female power fantasies:

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  10. KR

    I think that most of the music genres that end in -core end up being nerdy.

    My favorite nerdy song is Iron Maiden’s Dune-inspired “To Tame a Land”.

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  11. Fun one. ^_^

    There are some ‘cores that aren’t quite- hardcore and (completely counter-intuitively to me!) mathcore come to mind. ^_^;

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