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COTB 005 – Guild Wars 2 and Tables Top Games, posted by Benjamin

Carlos and BJ discuss the upcoming Guild Wars 2 massive multi-player online role playing game and the sea of table top games out there. Special thanks for Terrence Vitali for helping clean up the audio file (we’ll get Carlos’s mic fixed for the next episode).


  1. Erk, Very sorry for the technical difficulties.

    Guild Wars 2

    Magic: the Gathering



    Board Game Geek

    Shia Lebeouf by Rob Cantor

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  2. Derek

    Guild Wars 2 spoiled me for other MMOs, honestly. I’ve been a skeptic for some time, but GW2 has enough new ideas that I find even games like SW:TOR (which I adored) paling in comparison. Between TERA and Guild Wars 2, going to a standard MMO combat system is fairly disappointing.

    I’ve tried to play Guild Wars probably 20 times over the years, and I’ve never managed to get in to it. I have all the expansions (I keep thinking “Maybe the new classes will do it for me!”) even, but….

    I’m enjoying TERA Online a lot, for similar cinematic/action combat. Guild Wars 2 was good enough that I quit playing the beta to save it for launch. And then there’s The Secret World, which just had a beta weekend, and is very exciting in some ways, and a touch disappointing in others. But on balance, I think the exciting outweighs the disappointment by a good chunk. Between TSW, TERA, and GW2, the MMO space has gotten/will be getting a pretty big shake up, hopefully for the better.

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  3. I’m very much looking forward to TSW and GW2.

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  4. Derek

    You’re killin’ me here, Carlos.

    Now I have to do the board game section, if only to clarify and rebut some of the things you said. ;)

    A group of experienced Dominion players can finish a game in 5-10 minutes. Ascension is gonna run 15 or so at least. Dominion allows for far more planning – you know the cards, you know your hand. You basically wait for your turn, then execute. Ascension randomizes far more, such that you know generally what you want to do, but can’t plan 100%.

    We need to talk. ;)

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  5. Yeah, Derek, you were one of the people I was talking about. :P

    Clarification would be good, because I forgot a ton I meant to say- it was a really off week for me, not just technologically.

    I am one of the less-experienced Dominion players, and there are a couple of others in the groups I play with. When we play with some experienced people (not all, but some), we feel like we slow things down a lot. Especially with the expansions included. So in my experience, Dominion takes longer. But I meant to note, and don’t remember if I did at all, that if you know what you’re doing, it goes pretty quickly.

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  6. Ellie

    Speaking as someone who has played several hundreds of games of Dominion with two to six players at a variety of levels in paper and online and owns all the expansions and something more like 20-30 games of Ascension, I’d say Ascension has a more consistent playing time while Dominion has much more variability depending on which cards are on the board. I’ve definitely blasted through two player games in 10-15 minutes, especially if there’s a chapel (not sure about 5 minutes, but maybe – my husband and I used to just take our turns at the same time if we knew there were no interaction cards on the board). But if you get a board full of swindlers and something else that gives out curses or decreases opponents’ hand sizes and nothing that lets you trash or draw cards, then everyone’s decks can get bogged down so much that it takes forever to be able to do anything. I was in a game that dragged and dragged with four very experienced online players because we had all made each others’ decks so terrible. Eventually it ended with piles gone, but it wasn’t quick. There are also boards with lots of card draw and interactions with interesting decisions that come up after you draw where you can’t just plan out your hand and execute. So I agree that Dominion can be quicker, but it can also take a lot longer.

    @Carlos – It can totally be hard for me to remember to slow down for newer players! It’s one of those things where once you know a lot of it you can’t imagine what it was like to not know. I’ve had to work really hard to not start my turn before it’s really my turn when I know there’s no cards that interact with me on the board. Rick and I also always just took our first 2 turns as one turn and that was a hard habit to break when playing with new people. We love teaching it to people though, so hopefully we don’t give off too strong a vibe of feeling slowed down.

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  7. Ellie

    A few more tabletop game comments – a warning on the apps for the games, they can ruin you for the real thing. Dominion is so awesome that it mostly doesn’t matter, but there are a few games (I think mostly euros) that my husband plays as apps that it would be really hard to convince him to play hard copies because the app removes all the set up, shuffling and packing it away time.

    We do love the Dominion app that randomizes which 10 cards to use. You can set all kinds of parameters, like at least 3 cards from Alchemy or wanting to play with Colonies, or must have a 2, 4, and 5 cost. And I have a friend with a baby who got the Arkham Horror apps for all the encounter cards so he could play solo games with half the set up. He loved them.

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