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COTB 001 – Kickstarter and Superman Grounded, posted by Benjamin

Carlos and I cover the purpose of Coming out of the Basement, give a brief intro of each other and our geek credentials, then talk about Kick Starter and Superman Grounded (We can’t help ourselves and delve into the new 52 briefly).


  1. First podcast is up, yay! We, er, didn’t really edit it or anything. ;)

    Some links of things we mentioned:
    My Kickstarter Backer History has links to all of the Kickstarter projects I’ve funded and starred. Two still ongoing are Best Friends Forever: an apocalyptic feature film and Witch Girls Book of Shadows, both well worth checking out.

    Open Design can be found over at Kobold Quarterly, and they’re about to embark on a new Midgard Tales Kickstarter project, which consists of adventures in the Midgard Setting. Looking forward to it!

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  2. Listened to your first podcast. Congrats! We know how it feels to be a newb in the podcasting genre as well….since we are just three nerds in Arkansas trying to scratch our way into the podcasting market. Great Job guys…I will be listening more. are you on iTunes? Do you guys have a follow button on wordpress?

    Posted on 10-Apr-12 at 8:53 am | Permalink
  3. Thanks! BJ is setting us up on iTunes, and I’m not sure what a follow button on WordPress means yet but I’ll look it up! ;) As well as check out your podcasts! I listen to podcasts fairly regularly, but they’ve tended to be pretty narrow in scope- stuff like Skeptics Guide to the Universe- and I’m looking to branch out to more geek stuff. ^_^

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  4. We’ve submitted to both iTunes and Zune for syndication, so hopefully they’ll pick us up soon, and Carlos is looking into the WordPress widget.

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  5. If I remember correctly, it may take about a week for iTunes to kick in. If you are looking for some good nerdy mainstream podcasts, I suggest checking out and, which is Chris hardwicks’s and Kevin Smith’s networks, respectively.

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  6. We actually just got accepted onto iTunes just the other day, so you can find us there now.

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