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Be still, the iPaddering of my heart, posted by Enrique G

So trying to get started back in the routine of posting again maybe isn’t such a good idea on the verge of a product rollout…

As some of you know, Apple released a new toy this week. You might have seen a thing or two on the news about it. I had made up my mind to refrain from picking up an iPad initially, but I could only avoid succumbing to temptation for a couple of days before I was in line at my local Apple store picking one up.

I’m not tech savvy enough to comment much on the pros and cons of the hardware. I’m a hardcore iPhone user, so the software piece I was already used to. I think the thing I’m finding most interesting about it is the way some developers have used it to rethink the way we consumer media. I think once I find an RSS reader I like for this thing, my time spent with the printed word is going to shoot through the roof again. The Marvel Comics app alone is mind-blowing for how it’s made me look at a medium I thought I knew in a whole new light.

I’ll definitely write more after I’ve had more time to use it, get familiar with it to make up my mind on what I like and what I don’t. But I’m looking forward to the ride with this thing.

And the attention garnered by people coming up to me in this coffee shop asking, “Is that an iPad?” certainly doesn’t hurt :-).


  1. Derek

    1. I think Penny Arcade said it best (I’m paraphrasing): What normal people do is come up with a mind-blowing new piece of tech, then amaze people a year later by shrinking it to fit in your pocket. Not the other way around.

    2. How much of the revolution is just Apple being Apple, though? From my understanding, the Marvel reader isn’t new – I have a comic reader on my laptop, and another on my Droid. They are also, iirc, available for Netbooks. Is the iPad doing anything new with it, or has Apple just gone “Hey, look, there’s this thing here” with it? That’s my beef with the iPad. Everything “awesome” that I’ve seen is useless to me, because I have it on my smartphone (more portable, also rings) or on my laptop (better to see, plays games). I don’t see a need for a machine to bridge that gap. I’d rather have it smaller, or more powerful, but not kinda small and kinda powerful.

    Which is odd because I usually go for hybrid stuff in a big way.

    I’m also likely not at all the target market for this. And I also don’t see the value of netbooks, so….

    It’s possible I’m going to be the iPad’s Cassandra+Angry Old Man, shouting doom and vile about it at every chance. But I don’t think it’s jealousy, because I don’t really think I want one. And I think that if I did, I’d go get one. I’ll give it a chance (maybe), but….

    Posted on 08-Apr-10 at 7:48 am | Permalink
  2. I like netbooks. I like my iPhone.

    I don’t like the developer changes with the new OS, for iPhone and iPad app development.

    I don’t like my phone service enough that the iPhone is a compelling reason to stay with my phone service when I look at my contract.

    So, I don’ t know. I’ve seen it now. It’s neat. I don’t have to have one. ^_^;

    Posted on 12-Apr-10 at 5:24 pm | Permalink
  3. Enrique G

    Derek, if you never got the need for net books, then the iPad probably isn’t for you. I didn’t think I needed a netbook per se, but that’s exactly the niche this has fallen into for me. Since I bought it, I haven’t opened my personal laptop since the day I synced everything onto the iPad. As a gaming platform, it’s perfect for me as a casual gamer, and the browser and email give me so much more with the extra real estate without the burred of the laptop.

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