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I Love Honest Reporting


I hate when national reporters smooth a quote for print. and both used the sanitized AP version of San Antonio Spur’s coach Gregg Popovich’s quote about the beatdown they received from the Mavs last night. Not the Statesman, however. The Statesman went with full verbal honestyin printing this from Popovich: “They kicked our […]

Taking Your Kids to Work Day


So, I work at home 80% of the time. This is useful because it allows me to work for six or so different places, which would be logistically impossible in any other format. That and I sometimes don’t have to shave until 3pm. And when I get fed up, I get to go to the garage to […]

The Basement’s Take on the New Cobra Commander


What follows is a Bill Simmons-esque discussion many of us recently had about the new Cobra Commander toy relased by Hasbro. Well, except all the frat talk is replaced with Net jargon, but this is the Basement after all. Sam: They’ve raped my childhood. Jake: qfft Me: So, Cobra Commander wasn’t a metrosexual version of […]

Texas Geeks Know Sam Houston > Rick Perry


Anyone who knows me understands that I’m one of those annoying Texans who really digs being a Texan. I blame my parents. You see, I actually grew up in rural Texas. So we had horses, cows, cattle guards, and dirt roads. Not that I lived on some big glorious ranch. More like ten acres of […]

Meta Geek Tagged


Being a geek to me means loving something to the point of marginalization. Anything. Do you argue over whether 50 Cent is fiddy or fitty? Rap geek.   Do you know the individual ERA of your team’s entire bullpen over the last five years? Baseball geek.   Have you mentioned Thac0 at a party? D&D […]

Pirates Still Cooler Than Zombies?


So, I’ve heard increasing chatter that pirates might be losing their geek cache due to certain real world events (yeah, I’m looking at you Somalia). @omarg even wondered earlier today if Talk Like a Pirate Day would ever be the same again. So, have pirates been downgraded in coolness by their recent rise on the […]

#amazonfail Update


Looks like Amazon has elaborated a bit on the glitch. Also, Seattle PI has some theories from an ex-employee of Amazon about how this happened. Basically, that it was a coding area that propogated from version of Amazon throughout the system recatorgizing tens of thousands of books. Still, it’s an important lesson about the power of […]



Just to show this won’t all be about RPGs, I have to admit that the #amazonfail fiasco fascinates me. The company’s failed response. The maelstrom of twitter and blog activity–I had all but forgotten that LiveJournal still existed. The possible mainstreaming of bantown as a concept and term. And a beautifully reductive shattering of our trust […]

Just to Make Certain the Idea Man is Last


I’m still trying to figure out what our wellspring meant by geekery going mainstream. I know that in the court case that CJ discussed Wizards suggested that 6 million people play D&D. You can either view that as .1% of the global population–or dream of some Chicago-sized Xanadu filled with DMs, GMs, and the sound of rolling […]