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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Kev’s Slog #3


Rymdkapsel is coming out tomorrow on Steam.  Rymdkapsel means “space capsule” in Swedish, if you’re curious.  It’s a mobile game where you try to manage a space station. Now if you think that all mobile games are just cheesy and dumb, then wait until you see this game.  I need to emphasize this:  Guess how […]

Kev’s Slog #2 (title not finalized)


I was going to call this my Steam Condenser as I take Steam-related stories and condense them into an easy-to-read blog.  Then I found out that Steam Condenser is a real product used by Source developers.  I’m still looking for ideas. ===== The gaming company King–who makes the mobile game Candy Crush Saga–managed to trademark […]

Welcome to my Steam Blog


Hi, I’m Kev.  I write Steam Blogs (Slogs)–that is, posts on my Steam page normally.  If you’re a Friend on Steam, then you can see see my posts on my Activity page.  If you’re not one of my Friends, then I suspect that this post must be very confusing and strange. I wanted to have […]