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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dear Audible: Your DRM sucks


I would love to have the opportunity to easily buy and listen to books in my car. We have a fairly long drive to and from work, and we occasionally take very long drives to visit our families. On the audiobook front, the most popular website appears to be Audible. I tried it once before […]

COTB 016 – The all Guild Wars special


Carlos and Ben are joined by Scott and JJ to discuss all things Guild Wars. They cover the game lore, structured pvp, world vs. world, dungeon runs, and they finish with a small economics lesson from Scott on the supply and demand dynamics of the MMO markets.

COTB 015 – The Geeks make the world go around


Carlos and BJ wax philosophical about the weather and wedding anniversaries before diving into recent geek news. BJ pleads for some help with a new campaign idea and is upset with Carlos for not making him aware of a very special Kickstarter campaign.

The Midgard Campaign Setting


The Midgard Campaign Setting has recently been released by Kobold Press. It’s awesome. The Midgard Campaign Setting is based on the home campaign world of famed RPG designer Wolfgang Baur. The patronage project started almost two years ago, and much of that time was spent on the Kobold Quarterly forums, exploring, discussing, and creating the […]

Some Musings on Kobold Press/Open Design


The Midgard Campaign Setting has been released. It’s brilliant. It’s amazing. It’s everything I hoped it would be. I’m proud to have been a part of it, and I have to thank Wolfgang Baur for letting us play with his home campaign setting. I have the PDF, and I’m waiting for the delivery of the […]