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Monthly Archives: April 2012

COTB 004 – The All Avengers Special


Carlos and BJ cover the Avengers vs. X-Men comic event and then discuss the epic Avengers movie soon to be released in the States.

Sexism in Geek Culture, with a look at Comics


In the most recent Coming Out of the Basement Podcast, we discuss sexism in geek culture, with a bit of a closer look at comics (along with the Mass Effect 3 ending). For the first subject, I had enough sources and examples that I thought it made sense to do a post on the topic. […]

COTB 003 – On Sexism in Comics and Mass Effect 3 ending


Carlos and BJ discuss various forms of sexism in geek culture including comics, video games, and professional competitive gaming. Finally they discuss the ending of Mass Effect 3 and all the drama surrounding this fan reaction. [Edit from CJ: And a friend mentioned we might want to mention a trigger warning, which is a good […]

Odds and Ends


Like I mentioned in our just-released Episode 2, I’m not nearly as good as self-promotion or promotion as BJ is. :P A book I worked on actually came out the day we did our first podcast, but I felt a bit odd about bringing it up (so didn’t): Open Design’s Midgard Bestiary for Pathfinder, with […]

COTB 002 – E-Books and DnD 5th edition


Carlos and BJ discuss different issues facing e-book distribution and some great books, then they delve into 5th edition speculation. Finally, they revisit the new 52 and many of the issues facing the new comic universe.  

COTB 001 – Kickstarter and Superman Grounded


Carlos and I cover the purpose of Coming out of the Basement, give a brief intro of each other and our geek credentials, then talk about Kick Starter and Superman Grounded (We can’t help ourselves and delve into the new 52 briefly).