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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Whither 5th Edition?


Referring to D&D, of course… I suspect it’s close- within the next couple of years. Rich Baker has had a couple of interesting Rule of Three columns, where he (and other designers) reflect on different parts of 4th edition. Baker mentions that powers between different classes seem very similar, which has definitely been a complaint […]

Game Night


Attended a game night this past weekend, and played some fun stuff. Five people playing, which limited our options a tiny bit, but still had plenty of games to try out. First game was Ricochet Robots, in which you slide robots around the board to get them to a certain point. They only stop when […]

Check out “The Trainee” if you get a chance.


An old friend from high school has written a comedic Web series about a superhero sidekick-in-training, “The Trainee.” Check it out. The Trainee Webseries