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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Magical Girl Kirsten Dunst cosplay, made of win


Yeah, I used “made of win.” Sue me! I’ve always been something of a Kirsten Dunst fan (I should say “we,” since her image long graced the window of Q’s workspace), and this is just fanboy/girl heaven. ^_- So, Kirsten Dunst + Princess Cosplay + Akihabara + 80s cover! (picture) (video) (some anime […]

Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm


Q and I went to see the February 5th show of Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm on February 5th at Antone’s in Austin. The marquis read “Jonathan Coultron with Paul” at first, but was soon corrected to “Jonathan Coultron with Paul and Strm,”(1) which itself raised a few jokes about the Coultron 2000 during […]



Who’d win in a fight? Terminator 2’s Sarah Connor or Aliens’ Ellen Ripley? GO. ps. hello everyone! :)