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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Dark Sun


So, due to real-life issues (our DM getting a new job, grats) I’m now running the every-other-Sunday 4E D&D game. And I decided to make it a Dark Sun game. I’ve always liked the Dark Sun world; and better yet, the day after I decided to make it that type of campaign, Wizards of the […]

NYC Midnight Story #3


Genre: Open Location: Abandoned Factory Object: Stick of Butter Synopsis: A journalist makes the ultimate sacrifice to get her story as a case of late 21st Century identify theft evolves into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Cascade “Where am I?” Cascade whispered while twisting in his chair to test equally restrained legs and […]

Passive ads in an active medium… NEAT!


It should be no surprise to anyone that the print media is going through some issues. They have no money. It’s not really their fault, either. The trend of national and international companies buying local papers and expecting a big profit from them is fairly recent. Before that, papers tended to operate as loss leaders […]



Henry found the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet this month… And that includes a Flickr set of mugshots from the 40s full of the downtrodden dregs of humanity… I give you, ZOMBARITAVILLE! It’s those songs you just can’t claw out of out of your head, rewritten for the undead who just want claw […]

Hello, Fall Semester. Will you be a bastard like Sping?


Classes are about to start again for all of us lucky bastards who are gambling our future earnings against our mounting debts. Were Henry the one writing this, he’d probably tell me it’s a sucker’s bet, while Mike would tell me that hiding out in an ivory tower is a wonderful way to pass a […]

Where has Sam been?


I’ve been gone for about a month and a half. What you didn’t notice the decline in the site’s level of profanity? Well, fuck you! I got laid off a month and a half ago and suddenly I had nothing to say. It was depressing, really. I got laid off from a shitty, low paying, […]