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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Shojo Beat Canceled


Apparently I’m not keeping up with my anime and manga news as much as I should be, because Shonen Jump arrived in the mail today with a letter stating that Shojo Beat has been canceled by Viz Media! For those non-manga fans, in Japan people tend to purchase magazine collections of serialized comics that are […]

NYC Midnight Flash Fic Story #1


So I entered the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest for the second year. Flash fiction is a short story that uses 1,000 or fewer words. I made the finals last year, but failed to place. More importantly, it was a fun way to generate some solid story starts in a variety of genres. Here is […]

Would You Like to Play a Game?


Okay, as many who read this blog know by now, I’m relocating my family to Leeds in August. We’re taking about six suitcases with us to the United Kingdom, which leaves 95% of our belongings in storage. I can’t stand my board games sitting in storage for a year or more, pieces silent and dice […]

Hall of Fame Weekend II


I’m not a big baseball fan, but after last weekend’s once-in-a-lifetime NCAA Austin Regional, I had to buy tickets to the Super Regional.  For those who don’t know, last Saturday the University of Texas and Boston College played the longest baseball game in NCAA history, 25-innings and over seven hours. Austin Woods provided the real […]