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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Found on the Internets


There’s some great stuff out there… Most of it is profane. All of it is funny to someone, somewhere.



After June 16th, I may never leave the house until it’s time to go to Vegas.

Architectural Geekery, Part I


Architecture is like beauty; its worth is commonly in the eye of the beholder.  What may be an architectural treasure to one person may be a derelict ruin to another.  Even two architects can disagree on whether or not a particular building or style is appealing.  My advisor in grad school, for example, once half-joked […]

I Love Honest Reporting


I hate when national reporters smooth a quote for print. and both used the sanitized AP version of San Antonio Spur’s coach Gregg Popovich’s quote about the beatdown they received from the Mavs last night. Not the Statesman, however. The Statesman went with full verbal honestyin printing this from Popovich: “They kicked our […]

Taking Your Kids to Work Day


So, I work at home 80% of the time. This is useful because it allows me to work for six or so different places, which would be logistically impossible in any other format. That and I sometimes don’t have to shave until 3pm. And when I get fed up, I get to go to the garage to […]

Don’t fsck with geeks


Sadly, the person posting this is not me.  This is a quote from one of the guys I play TF2 with.  Also someone who is a fsckin’ awesome geek. “I once knew a family who were abusive to their kids. Calls to the department of social services did nothing. They also ran a bulletin board […]

Science vs. Religion: The Moon


I live in Texas, I know these people are out there, surrounding me, just waiting for the chance to bash my atheistic brains in… But come on! The Waco Tribune covered a guest lecture gig that Bill Nye the Science Guy did in Waco in 2006. He talked about life on Mars, Global Climate Change […]

I secretly enjoy Pride & Prejudice.


There. I’ve been outed. I was never exposed to Austen as a child. My first real introduction to Pride & Prejudice was through a girl I had something of a crush on; her sister informed me it was her favorite movie, and I purchased the BBC mini-series DVD set for her as a present. This […]

‘Ware the anger of video game widows


Dee made a post about a woman named Jillian R, a “Phoenix Early Childhood Parenting Examiner” (citizen reporter, in other words) who posted what amounted to a rant on video game players and how they ignore families.  My first impression was this is a woman who has dealt with being a “video game widow” in […]

Crazy Texas Laws


Because I’m a politics geek, and because I live in Texas, and because Texas has some weird-ass laws, here’s a list of some of the crazier ones. There are many many more out there. Now, you need to remember that these aren’t enforced for the most part… BUT THEY CAN BE. In Austin, it’s illegal […]